समृद्ध समाजको स्थापना, पुष्कर सहकारीको चाहाना   समृद्धि समाजको स्थापना, पुष्कर सहकारीको चाहाना  

Pushkar Saving & Credit Cooperative Ltd.

Welcome to Puskar saving & Credit Cooperative Ltd.

Pushkar Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd. Is one of the pioneering institutions in Nepalese Co-operative Movement to follow the real norms of Co-operative? Established in 2064 B.S. Pushkar Co-operative Celebrated its Fifth Annual General Meeting in the year 2069 B.S. and is currently running in the Sixth Year. In its five years history, Pushkar Co-operative remains ever more determined to make it a venue for establishing prosperous society. It is situated in Kathmandu -35, Pepsicola, a small and densely populated planned area, located five kilometers away from Kathmandu city centre.... readmore

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Pushkar Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd.
Ka. Ma. Na. Pa. - 35, Pepsocola, Kathmandu, Nepal