समृद्ध समाजको स्थापना, पुष्कर सहकारीको चाहाना   समृद्धि समाजको स्थापना, पुष्कर सहकारीको चाहाना  

Pushkar Saving & Credit Cooperative Ltd.

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Message : Board of Director

Message : Board of Director

Manmohan Kumar Shrestha
Pushkar Saving and Credit Cooperative Limited is one of the leading cooperatives established under the Nepalese Co-operative Act 2048 and Cooperative Rules 2049 is a member based organization permitted to carry out financial and non-financial services to our members. It is registered in Division Co-operative Office, Kathmandu in 2064-11-12 BS and its registration Number is 1424/2064/065.The office is situated at Old Singamangal, Pepsicola, Ward No 35, and Kathmandu.

Our Motto is to change the economic standard of living of our society. Considering this fact, the interim constitution of Nepal has also accepted the three pillared economic policy along with the cooperative. Therefore, we have the leading role in today’s changing circumstances.

The aim of our organization is to gather small and scattered funds within the community and utilize provide attractive interest rates to the savings and provide loans to sincere professionals and entrepreneurs to promote their business, making them capable and independent in competitive financial environment.

This website aims to provide general information about the organization to the members & potential members. So we are hoping your queries and suggestion which will be highly appreciated.

Once again, we welcome you and invite to explore our website.

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Pushkar Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd.
Ka. Ma. Na. Pa. - 35, Pepsocola, Kathmandu, Nepal